The Character Of Roger Chillingworth And Arthur Dimmesdale

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The setting is in Boston, Massachusetts, It's cold and a heavy rain is falling down from the sky almost as if god himself was crying over the sinful actions he has seen come from his so called wonderful creation. A minister whose purpose in life was to spread the faith that has given his life meaning, has become a sinner, and his so called companion; a physician who has drained his body of every single piece of energy for the sole purpose of torturing this minister. These characters are known as Roger Chillingworth and Arthur Dimmesdale, they play a key role in the Scarlet letter, both known for their iconic symbiotic relationship filled with a sinful background.
Firstly, In the Scarlet letter Dimmesdale is introduced as a famous minister …show more content…

Hawthorn constantly uses a dash of dramatic irony when Dimmesdale and Chillingworth have a colloquy for example, in chapter ten the text reads “ these black weeds have sprung up out of a buried heart to make manifest an unspoken crime” this line is read when Dimmesdale and Chillingworth are having a private conversation between each other and Hawthorn creates a bit of tension in this scene by showing the reader how Chillingworth would torture Dimmesdale but still manage to keep Dimmesdale from knowing he is actually Hester’s former husband.
Moreover, Chillingworth does not just torture the minister he also makes sure he is kept in good health so he may stay alive and prolong his twisted enjoyment. This could be found in paragraph fourteen it reads “But for my aid, his life would have burned away in torments within the first two years after the perpetration of his crime and thine. “In these lines he is boasting how the minister would have already died without his medical knowledge, as if he were trying to explain that what he had done hasn't been all bad and his actions should actually be celebrated. This can show the reader how Chillingworth to some extent was denying his sins trying belittle them.
Furthermore, Chillingworth’s mission to torture Dimmesdale soon becomes his way of sustaining himself and metaphorically keep himself alive,

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