The Character Summary Of Ivanhoe

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Ivanhoe Ivanhoe is a lovely tale involving a mystical aroma of heroism and romance. The story begins in the England during the middle ages while King Richard I was in command. The atmosphere in which this story takes place is a chaotic one, for the Normans and Saxons have many troubles between their relationship. Consequently, Ivanhoe, who is the main character of this book, has been disinherited by his father for demonstrating tolerance and loyalty to the Norman King Richard. Caught in between a family squabble, romantic affections, and a chaotic world, this story is sure to completely captivate the reader.
While Ivanhoe goes about his business in the book, he is in the presence of two beautiful women, both of which take a strong liking to him. Throughout the book he is bound by his promise to marry Rowena, but due to her father’s enmity, Rowena’s wishes of a romantic marriage have faded. She has been destined to marry Athelstane, who also has royal Saxon blood, thus making her father’s throne thoroughly Saxon. Rebecca is Ivanhoe’s second option, although not the most valued of the two, she has many characteristics which attribute to her value as a potential wife. Ultimately, Ivanhoe ties the knot with Rowena after the long-awaited approval from her father, and Ivanhoe fulfills his promise from long ago. Though the real question awaits, “Did Ivanhoe marry the right woman?” To determine if Ivanhoe married the right women, we must first understand the meaning of

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