The Character of Hareton in Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

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The Character of Hareton in Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights, written by Emile Bronte, is on of the most famous Victorian novels in English literature. This novel was the only novel written by her. The novel has the social and moral values in England in the nineteenth century as the recurring theme. The adjective ‘wuthering’ is used in some parts of rural England to describe stormy weather. Wuthering Heights is a farmhouse on top of a small hillock, which is open to all the elements of wind and weather and hence is synonymous with passion and violence. The other house nearby, Thrushcross Grange contrasts sharply with Wuthering Heights. The two groups of people residing here,
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His pride is what holds him together and he does not allow himself to be pushed around by anyone except Heathcliff. Above all, Hareton is the only person, with the exception of Catherine, who loves Heathcliff, though it might be more due to a force of habit.

Hareton is introduced into the novel in the second chapter where he is described as a gruff man. But his rough, yet friendly nature can be seen clearly from the fact that he is the only man in the household who holds enough goodwill to let Lockwood into the house and bide him to sit down. Also when Lockwood expresses his desire to go back to Thrushcross Grange despite the storm, Hareton offers to accompany him up to the park, though he was adequately rebuked.

Hareton never knew the love of a mother and only had enough good fortune to have Nelly as a nurse for a very short time. The combination of this and fact that Hindley, after Frances’s death became a wild, drunken and lost man, made Hareton a quiet child. We next see Hareton as six-year-old boy with a mouth willing to let out a stream of curses. Heathcliff, after returning and lodging at Wuthering Heights has started to extend his influence over Hareton. He stops his education but makes him feel as though it was his own choice. By taking his side against Hindley, he effectively turns Hareton against Hindley and wins his love and trust. Heathcliff gains a
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