The Characteristics And Effects Of The Human Brain

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The Human Brain is the most important organ in the body. Much like the headquarters of the body. Without the brain the rest of the body will suffer. The brain also creates different traits and personalities. How ever when the brain doesn't function properly it will cause many effects to an individual. These effects can range from minimal to severe, depending on what is wrong with the brain.
The human brain is protected by a bone structure in a form of a skull. The brain has a light pink, pail, and noodle look to it. It has lines in the brain to section parts of the brain. The brain feels like jello, it's stays in place but squishy. Put to much pressure on it, it will break. The human brain is very sensitive. The human brain is also wet and slimy, like the feeling of boggers. The human brain has its own odd smell. Like rotting food in the trash. The average brain weighs about three pounds. Robbie Gonzalez stated “Assume it feels solid, firm, almost rubber-like. But the brains you encounter in a lab setting have almost always been fixed and preserved with chemicals like formaldehyde, which have a dramatic effect on the texture and firmness of tissue like brain matter” (Gizmodo). What Robbie is saying that brains that are in lab class feel different than a fresh brain. The reason why they feel different is that in the lab their preserved with chemicals. That's what Robbie was talking about.
There are three major components that make up the brain. The Cerebrum, Brainstem,
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