The Characteristics Of Being A Jerk

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Jerks; regardless of upbringings, current conditions, or social status, when one is confronted with the idea of a jerk, certain people or behaviors may swiftly come to mind. When the concept of a person like Dale, who disregards the needs of others and does not practice courtesy, arises, it is quite evident that he is a jerk, and therefore, a considerably unjust being. Based on both the historical analyses of Polemarchus or Thrasymachus and the current standards elaborated upon by scholars such as Eric Schwitzgabel, Dale could undeniably be deemed a jerk. “Jerks see the world through goggles that dim others’ humanity.”, states Eric Schwitzgabel, in his article How to Tell If You’re a Jerk (Schwitzgabel). Schwitzgabel states that with respect to scientifically recognized categories of personality, the “jerk” is very similar to that of “the dark triad”; the dark triad consists of narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathic tendencies (Schwitzgabel). Regardless, there are still many traits of being a jerk that cannot be seen in “the dark triad” (Schwitzgabel). Narcissism may regard themselves as more important than the people that surround them, but could also, unlike a jerk, strive to be the center of attention; Machiavellians believe that other people are tools to be exploited for personal gain, but in doing so are conscious to their cynicism rather than ignorant; psychopaths are often selfish and callous, with a tendency to engage in impulsive risk-taking, but jerks

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