What Makes A Person Good Or Evil?

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What makes a person good or evil? Why are some people labeled as good and some evil? Why do some people have traits or characteristics of both good and evil? Are people truly evil or do they just make bad choices? Throughout our lives we are faced with making decisions about our lives and often the choices we make can determine the path we follow. Depending on our life choices we can be labeled as either good or evil. Good and evil are relative; one person can be good while another evil. Some people can possess a combination of both good and bad traits. But even those who are considered bad can be rehabilitated to display good qualities such as empathy or kindness. According to neuroeconomist Paul Zak, 95 percent of people studied release oxytocin when they received a positive social signal. Oxytocin is released when we watch an emotional movie, are touched by someone, or trusted with someone else’s possessions. About 5 percent of the people studied did not have a release of oxytocin after stimuli, resulting in the conclusion that these people possess psychopathic traits (Zak). People who are evil genetically lack receptors for oxytocin and tend to display the psychopathic traits. They do what they want will little or no regard for the safety or wellbeing of others. They tend to be loners and many have suffered from some form of abuse during childhood (Zak). Stress can cause good people to have moments when we act badly. This occurs because stress inhibits

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