The Characteristics Of Black Panthers

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The mysterious things of panthers Do you ever wonder why people think panthers is its own species? Well let me tell you how they are actually not. Panther don’t even exist even though they do call black cats panthers. Many people say that they are its own species, but they aren’t once you learn that they are leopards you won’t consider them its own anymore. They are related to leopards and i’m going to tell you how they are, but in other reasons they are a little bit of differences between the two of them they have many similarities as well. There actual name of the cat is black leopard. There basically black cats that are called like this. So therefore this will be about how different and similar they look from regular leopards, On how their intelligence is extremely well from other animals/ how protective they are as well, and How their heights, weight and size are different than the other big cats that they are related to or considered. All in all the these topics will describe what black leopards really are. The panthers are exactly like the leopard. why? because they have spots on them that you can’t really see so they are similar by that. They are different looking because according to the World Encyclopedia edition, “All leopards are much alike, but those that live in the forest are darker than those that live on open plains and desert scrub” (Duane 202). Here in this part it explains how they are differences between them on how they look because if a leopard lives

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