The Characteristics Of Characters In Twelve Angry Men

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Life is in their hands, death is on their minds. The movie Twelve Angry Men consists of

twelve characters playing as jury members in an alleged murder case. Throughout the movie

these twelve characters show a wide variety of characteristics such as, being impatient,

aggressiveness, and anger. When watching this movie, one quickly realizes why it is called

Twelve Angry Men. Almost all twelve characters showed the characteristics previously stated.

Although, there were five characters in most people’s opinions, that showed other characteristics

that are believed to be important. In this movie, the characteristics that are important are

patience, kindness, and understanding.

The main character of the movie is Mr. Davis, or also known as jury member number

eight. In the beginning of the movie, jury member number one asks all the jurors to cast a vote

on whether or not they think the boy on trial is guilty, or not guilty. He also asks them to keep in

mind that the result of a guilty verdict would mean the boy would be killed. All of the men

except for one voted guilty. The one man who didn’t vote guilty was Mr.Davis. Immediately

after casting his vote he was under massive scrutiny for his decision. The now angry eleven other

jurors asked Mr. Davis why he chose not guilty. His response in most people’s opinion was quite

astounding. Mr. Davis simply said “I don’t know”. He continued to state “ It’s only one night, a

boy may die”. This statement is

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