The Characteristics Of Communication And How It Affects Male And Female Entrepreneurship

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Introduction This paper is a research done to analyze the characteristics of communication and how it affects male and female entrepreneurship. The use of gender perspective in the communication style was influenced by the now popular topic of women’s rights and discrimination against women in the business world. Women in business was scarce, but now it is becoming more prevalent. “The communication is a key factor in the success of any organization” (Borcic, Despot, Prusina 2015). The background of this paper is based on the theory of basic guidelines regarding female entrepreneurship, communication, gender in communication, and the comparison of leadership characteristics between women and men. Another theory this paper is based …show more content…

According to the article men are more powerful than women and have more support in their entrepreneurship and society in general. Researchers are testing to see if the stereotypes placed on each gender actually play a role in how each carry out their role in their workplaces as leaders. The first hypothesis was “In interviews with male entrepreneurs prevalent are features typical of male language and behavior” (Borcic et. al 2014). The second hypothesis was “In interviews with female entrepreneurs prevalent are features typical of female linguistic behavior” (Borcic et. al 2014). The article investigates the chances of the existence of differences in the way males and female entrepreneurs communicate, and the possibility of connecting these characteristics of the communication style and their management characteristics. YES

III. Theories The theoretical part of the paper gives an overview of the basic guidelines related to female entrepreneurship, communication, gender marked by communication and characteristics of women 's and men 's ways of leading. Feminist linguistics laid the foundations of the theory of linguistic behavior of women and men. Given that some previous studies have shown that women are more likely than men to use first person plural, based on these variables it is possible to see if that is really true. Does the female leadership style truly express a desire for cooperation, the sharing of power and the developing and

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