The Characteristics Of Cultural Traits Of Cultures

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Have you thought of how many varieties of cultures you have? All of your customs are unique and is formed in your activities that you adore. Everyone has a culture but is manifested in many ways. According to the text “ What is Cultural Identity” Trumbull and Pacheco declares that you can imagine culture as invisible webs composed of values, beliefs, ideas about appropriate behavior, and socially constructed truths (springboard 2010). Traditions define our ethnic backgrounds with many constructed acts to the meaning of our lives. Cultural Traits govern our direct perspectives. Two cultural traits that will be described in this essay is language and foods. The first trait is language. Language is communication either written or spoken and is part of our cultural identity. Language shows who you are and how you express them. In the article “An Indian Father's Plea” it states “Windwolf has had trouble writing his name on a piece of paper, but he knows how to say it and many other things in several different Indian languages”(lake).Sometimes learning a new language could be challenging but in the process you will grasp the idea of what that new language is. Many are exposed to many languages, for example, I speak fluent English, but can’t speak any other language. The language that my family speaks is Filipino and Hawaiian. My father speaks Hawaiian. I'd like to inspire and encourage others to keep the Hawaiian language alive. In 2001, native speakers of Hawaii amounted to

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