The Characteristics Of The Eastern Grey Kangaroo And Red Kangaroos

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What's your favorite animal? May not be the kangaroo because you might not know much about them. The Kangaroo is an animal that really wouldn’t pop up into your mind when people ask you that question. Kangaroos might not be a big hyped up animal but, they’re pretty interesting because they have many features that some other animals don’t. When people think about the Kangaroo what comes to there mind is the Eastern grey kangaroo and Red Kangaroo. Why people think of the grey kangaroo is because it’s a larger species. The kangaroo’s diet, the way they survive when danger's get in the way, also different type of kangaroos, their features about them, and the reproduction. Kangaroos are marsupials that are only found in Australia that also have pouches. They have muscular tails, strong back legs, long pointed ears, and short fur.
This mammal is different for the reason that they have pouches. The females have mammary glands that they carry the young ones until they’re old enough to be on their own. When the mother gives birth the baby crawls up the mother's body immediately to enter the pouch. When the baby is inside the pouch it attaches to one of the four teats, the reason for that is so it enlarges and to hold it inside in place. When the joey or baby is born it weighs less than a gram also it’s only about 2 cm long. Before the joey is born the mother makes sure to lick the pouch to make sure its clean before the baby enters it. Eastern Grey Kangaroos are the most common

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