The Characters Of The PuritansBy Arthur Miller

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Miller talks negatively about the Puritans and states, “they also preferred to take land from heathens rather than from fellow Christians”(5). The Puritans weren’t all bad, they had a positive side to them as well. Their “hard work kept the morals of the place from spoiling”(4). If it weren’t for their hard work they wouldn’t have had anything to begin with. 2. Who is Betty and what is wrong with her? Betty is Reverend Parris’s daughter and she lies on the bed he screams, “will you wake, will you open up your eyes”(8). Reverend is crushed his beloved daughter is not waking and is scared that witchcraft might be that because of it. 3. Abigail enters the play on page 8. How is she characterized in Miller’s stage directions? What does this show us about her? Abigail is characterized as “strikingly beautiful”(8) as she enters the room. Miller claims Abigail to have an “endless capacity of dissembling”(8). This shows that Abigail conceals her emotions so we are unaware if she cares about Betty or not. 4. Susanna tells Reverend Parris that the doctor believes Betty’s illness could be a result of unnatural causes. Why is Parris so troubled by this suggestion? How does his reaction negatively characterize him? When the doctor claims Betty’s illness could be unnatural Parris is ashamed that “my daughter and my niece I discovered dancing in the forest”(9) and is worried that the people might think poorly upon his name if they hear of witchcraft in his family. Reverand is

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