The Child Care Subsidy Is An Ongoing Funding Source As Long As La Bambiniere

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The income statement represents the projected revenues, expenses and net profit for the first 18 months of business. La Bambinière estimates that 70% of the revenues will come from the Child Care Subsidy, 27% from parent fee and tuition and 3% from application and activity fees. The miscellaneous expenses represent compensation paid to helpers that La Bambinière will at times hire to give the owner who is the primary caregiver a break from time to time until employees are hired. These are part time workers who will come in for few hours every other day. La Bambinière is looking to make net a profit of $4,435 in the 18 months of business. Expenses such as rent, utility, telephone have not been factored in since they are part of the home expenses nevertheless a small percentage of those expenses will be applied to the business later on. (See appendix C for the Pro Forma Income Statement).
Plan for Ongoing Funding The Child Care Subsidy is an ongoing funding source as long as La Bambinière continues to meet the requirements and uphold the NCDCDEE rules and regulations. La Bambinière will have fund raisers to cover some of the activities for the children just like the public school does with cookie dough, coupons books; in addition the business will sell artifacts imprinted with La Bambinière logo, such as mugs, pillow cases, baby blankets made in house. La Bambinière expects sales of to grow to the point of creating another venture.
Growth Plan New venture often…
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