The Chilling Torture at Abu Ghraib Prison Essay

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When the news of torture at Abu Ghraib prison broke in early 2004 during the “global war on terror,” much of the public was outraged and did not know how to react. Heavy debate began over the issue and media reporters on the issues took sides. Many books were written about the subject. The conservatives attempted to downsize the issues and take the side that it was simply ‘bored’ and ‘tense’ soldiers trying to blow off a little steam with horseplay. However, the photographs that surface said quite differently. Naked photographs of prisoners engaged in simulated sexual acts, deceased prisoners in sexual poses and prisoners tied up and left for dead tell the chilling story of the terror and torture behind the prison walls. Did the US do anything to stop or lessen such torture committed by American soldiers? Most will say that they did not. To some this may considered a crime and to others it is simply “common military practice”.
What it comes down to is the debate about whether torture is morally acceptable even in times of war. Most of the publications on the subject were written by lawyers and philosophers who are torn between whether torture can be justified in legal terms or morally. More people think that the torture is wrong under any circumstances and are concerned with how to prevent it from happening. President Bush was quick to react by saying the torture scandal was an isolated incident and was not characteristic of U.S. Army as a whole but rather the results…