The Chocolate War Analysis

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The Chocolate War Perhaps if Jerry had a more forthcoming and open relationship with his father, the ending of the story could have changed. Jerry keeps the troubling situation secret at home because he doesn’t want to bother his dad with it since his mom died not too long ago, as Obie pointed out in chapter 2. Jerry doesn’t talk to his dad about anything because he doesn’t want his dad to have to deal with the drama of the chocolate sales and pain of getting beat up. This is not only seen in chapter 32 on page 219 when it states “Compassion for his father welled in Jerry. Should he tell his father what it was was all about? But he didn’t want to involve him.”, but it’s also seen in chapter 34 on page 225 where it says “He didn’t want his father’s universe to be disturbed and he wanted his own to be put in order again.” If the relationship between Jerry and his father was more open where they could talk about anything, he might’ve not had to deal with his side of things alone. But instead, he goes it alone, without any help from his dad, his close friends, or even the teachers. In the beginning of chapter 37 on page 247, The Goober explains how he didn’t want to go to school and see Jerry being taunted and teased, so he stayed home for a couple days. When he came late to the raffle fight, he thought about how “the school reminded him of his own betrayals and defections.” Even the teachers don’t help him in the matter, they go along with the students. This is apparent in

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