The Choice Of A Person 's Life

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Rebecca Huss
Professor Terrell
English 102
1 October 2015
The Right to Choose Society loves choices. But when it comes to one of the most important decisions in a person’s life, the right to live or die, we only have a select few choices and some of them cause more harm than good. The choice here is whether or not a person should have the right to end his or her life in a safe, peaceful manner when the quality of life is no longer the same quality it once was. Currently only a few states give people the right to choose a peaceful way to end their lives. People should have the right to choose to end their pain and suffering when diagnosed with a terminally ill condition by legalizing physician-assisted death in every state.
People often link the terms euthanasia and suicide with physician assisted dying. However, there is a huge difference between these. An informational article by Compassion and Choices explains that aid in dying is the process that allows a mentally competent, terminally ill adult to legally request a prescription for a life-ending medication from their physician. The medication must be self-administered (4). Euthanasia is a physician giving a person medication, mainly by lethal injection, to him or her requesting death. The difference between suicide and aid in dying is simple. Suicide is a physically healthy person choosing death for personal reasons while aid in dying is choosing death sooner instead of later when death is inevitable. Knowing

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