The Choice to Engage in Athletics is Influenced by Many Different Factors

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Millions of children engage in different types of physical activities and sports around the world. Being involved in these programs provides many health benefits and aids in life long physical skills. Through participation in sports and physical activities, children gain friendships and learn how to cooperate and interact with other children. Participating and sports also provides openings for children to develop characteristics and values that are beneficial to personal growth as they mature.
The choice to engage in athletics is influenced by many different factors. It is well accepted that parents, siblings, peers, teachers, and coaches all play a role in influencing the start, continuation, and discontinuation during adolescent (Fredricks & Eccles, 2004). The influences of these individuals can range from simple encouraging and continued participation by taking children to sporting events to teaching values and norms associated with sport participation and physical activity (Fredricks & Eccles, 2004). Mothers and fathers are also the ones that generally seek out opportunities, provide equipment and financial support. Researchers consistently identify parents as the initiating sport socialization agents for children (Brustad & Partridge, 2001). As children continue their participation in sports, parents serve as models for observational learning, provide experiences, encourage participation in a variety of ways, and help to interpret experiences for their children

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