The Christmas Stories : The Story Of A Christmas Story

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Most Christmas stories are all about love, presents or Santa Claus. This story is far from things like that. This story is about twins and how one christmas turned their whole world up upside down. Let me stop talking and get straight to the story. Down in the center of a small town named Hollow was this grand house with lights flashing a variety of colors. The yard was decorated with different but extravagant lawn decor on top of the piles of white puffy snow. From the outside looking in you would say the house was warm and welcoming but you would be very wrong. The snow falling to the ground was warmer than the Marshall’s house. Every christmas Diane Marshall would decorate her house with diverse colors such at gold, blue, green, red more colors than one could think of. She did not decorate for the joy of christmas she decorated to impress people who could care less about her. Diane was not a nice person neither was was her husband Burt who was the coldest thing in their house. One christmas Diane had an idea to make her seem like a great person she would foster Zoey and Lucas the twins three houses down who lost their parents. Oh this would be a great plan she thought to herself. As soon as Burt came home she told him her idea. He didn’t question his wife’s doings he said, “That’s a great idea honey” and went about his day. The next morning Diane rushed to the foster care home and started filling out papers left and right. The last paper Diane came across was a home

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