The City And Parts Of The Soul

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Another premise is how justice is a craft with a particular function. All conventional items that human beings use have a purpose otherwise its useless. Even the most ridiculous products sold on infomercials are designed for a specific purpose. Although products being sold on infomercials are ridiculous for being invented with a purpose in mind, but do not function well and generally make the user of the product look foolish. Like conventional items justice has a function. However it is important that “a thing’s function is the work that it alone can do, or can do better than anyone else” (I. 353a). Basically, Plato is assuming that we, human beings are dependent on each other and working together will create a more sustainable society for all. It makes sense for every individual to specialize in a task and can trade goods or services with one another. Plato further applies this concept to his analogy of the city and parts of the soul.
In the creation of a city, and for the soul to be justice it has a particular hierarchical formation. For building the ideal city, Socrates divides people into three types of classes: the ruling class, the auxiliary or warrior class and the producer class of merchants and artisans. Each class corresponds with a virtue and depending on a person’s virtue is where a person will end up. The virtues are wisdom for the ruling, courage for the warriors and moderation for the working class. In addition, that we need to hone in what skills or

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