The City Of Glass And The Maltese Falcon

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The two texts, The City of Glass and The Maltese Falcon, are both based on the detective genre and within these are the basic characteristics of human beings in the face of various external factors. With The Maltese Falcon oriented to the modernism period, there are general expectations on the revelations of truth, time moving in a chronological sequence, and character development to progress the plot. The City of Glass on the other hand is a post-modern novel and highlights many of the characteristics of the creativity during that time, filled with non-truths, compressed time spaces and non-progression. The plots are developed from two characters, Sam Spade and Daniel Quinn. As each makes an attempt to unravel the mysteries surrounding…show more content…
Spade 's emotionless state deviates from those norms, leaving the reader to wonder why he was not upset by the sudden death of his partner. This assumed friendship is the second possible reason Polhaus is confused. In his belief of the closeness between Spade and Archer, there has to be something Spade knows about the circumstances surrounding Archer’s death. Spade 's rather dismissive manner is discouraging for one to mention the subject. Indirectly, this points to the curious nature of human beings where an event raises all sorts of questions and they hope to get the first real truths from those most likely to know all of the necessary details; in this case, Spade. Polhaus is at a loss for words because he is stopped from making further inquiries by Spade. Spade 's reaction may, therefore, not be so much as being cold but rather defensive. He might be trying to avoid unnecessary probing choosing rather keep his grief locked inside. The reaction by Spade points to another human truth which can be seen from Brigid O’Shaughnessy– deception. Deception implies the non-disclosure of truth, but reveals things that are not as if they were. Brigid comes into the picture when in that first chapter she speaks of her sister with a sense of shame that both Spade and Archer can not help but notice and empathize with. “…the girl

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