The Civil Rights Act Of The United States Essay

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Voting is one of the most commonly discussed things in America as of now. The two main candidates that we have to vote for are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. We will find out our new president in just a couple of days. It is kind of sad seeing our president for 8 years leave after all the great tasks he has accomplished for America.
Voting has been fought for many of years. In just 1866, the Civil Rights Act granted all native Americans citizenship but not the right to vote. In 1869, Congress granted the right for African American men the right to vote. Also, in 1896 Louisiana passed the “Grandfather Clause”, basically stating if you were descendents of a slave you couldn 't vote. This still hindered primarily African Americans from voting. In 1965 this really struck the change of a new strategy. More and more African Americans were able to vote due to the new voting laws that were created.
People vote to have a voice in the decisions being made by our country, and even by their states. Everyone should vote because it is our duty as an American citizen to have say in the way things should go. Even if your voting decision does not win you still participated in fighting for what’s right or what you believe in. Voting is not just about the electoral outcome it comes from within. You have your own beliefs you are entitled to as American. You have the right to what religion you want to believe in, you have the right to bear arms, and you even have freedom of speech.

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