The Civil Rights Movement : A Black Man Who Looked White Named Homer Plessy

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The Civil Rights Movement African Americans were never treated the same as other Americans. One day a black man who looked white named Homer Plessy got sick of sitting in a Jim Crow car so he decided to purchase a first class ticket in the white’s only section on the train. Plessy told the conductor that he was 1/8 black and he refused to move from the car. Removed from the train Plessy was in jail overnight and was released on a 500 dollar bond. Homer Plessy protested that his 13th and his 14th amendments rights were violated. This case became known as Plessy v. Ferguson. This case upheld the constitutionality of segregation under the “separate but equal” doctrine. Homer Plessy paved the way for a black woman named Rosa Parks. Rosa …show more content…

Since most states couldn’t afford to stay separate they had to integrate. Nine black students enrolled to central high school. They were call the Little Rock Nine. Everyday on the way to school there was an angry mob of white people to curse at them and threaten their lives. It wasn’t safe for them to walk to school by themselves so the president called in the federal troops to escort them to school. Segregation is not only in schools or on buses but at stores, restaurants, water fountains, just about anything. A man named Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for blacks to have their rights. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t want to fight with violence he wanted to fight with peace and love. He believed that if blacks took the high road and didn’t fight back it would draw good attention towards the movement. Martin Luther king was arrested during a march and in jail he wrote a letter called “ a letter from a Birmingham jail”. He wrote the letter on toilet paper and it was smuggled from out of the jail. Martin Luther King Jr. was famous for many things like his preachings of love but he was mostly famous for his “ I Have A Dream” speech which was given on the March on Washington for jobs and Freedom. Not all people agreed with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. about non violent protest. People like Malcolm X. Malcolm X believed that black people need to get their rights by “ any means necessary” Malcolm X was a prominent black leader. Like Martin Luther King

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