The Civil Rights Movement

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Civil rights movement The African Americans managed to solve their conflict and resolution through acts of non-violence and struggle. Even though the actions taken by Malcolm X were of good intentions, they ended up causing a ripple between African Americans. On the other hand Martin Luther King Jr. identified that if people were going to respond to hatred with more hatred then there will be little chances for change and substance which was never understood by Malcolm. He was, of course, powerful and strong as an Africa American commanding huge followers and believers, but things did not end well as Malcolm X dies in the hand of his own people. This meant that change cannot be made through dividing a nation but through uniting the people. Therefore Civil Rights Movements of the 1960s would have not had the same impact if they had been led by Malcolm X instead of Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King had to suffer numerous injustices since he was fighting for equal rights, though Malcolm suffered more. The reason tends to be associated to the different approaches taken by these two champions of civil rights. While Martin Luther King was seen as a leader of men, Malcolm X became labeled an extremist, ( HYPERLINK "" Dianne Wing, 2013). Martin Luther advocacy came two years later after Malcolm yet they both reached at the same pivotal moment in history. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King had a different social background, ideologies and
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