The Civil Rights Movement In The 1950's

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The civil rights was a time of fighting for equality and freedom. In almost all states, African Americans were treated like second class citizens or even still like slaves. The movement came about in the 1950’s. Many African Americans were tired of being oppressed and not having the same rights as white citizens. The movement was full of violence, protests, leaders, and sacrifice. There were many events that took place before the full throttled movement in the 1950’s. The Civil Rights Act of 1875 was a very important start to the civil rights movement. The act outlawed segregation in public facilities. This included bathrooms, water fountains, restaurants, schools, hotels, and public transportation Unfortunately, the act was not enforced …show more content…

Daring students decided to take bus rides throughout the south testing new laws that prohibited segregation. These students called themselves the “Freedom Riders.” The groups often faced angry mobs and danger along their travels. In Anniston, Alabama, 200 whites attacked a bus that freedom riders were riding. They completely trashed the bus by slashing the tires and denting in the sides. Then the angry mob barricaded the doors and threw in a fire bomb. Luckily, the group was about to force the doors open and escape just in time. Moments later, the bus exploded into a fireball. Even with this traumatic event, many protesters continued with their rides of freedom (The …show more content…

Although the majority of progression was made throughout the 1940 to the 1960, that was not the end of the movement. The civil rights movement is still very much alive today. Landmarks are being made daily within the African American Community. One of the biggest would be the presidential election of Barack Obama. Many African American are fighting new battles today. Stereotypes and police brutality are some of the most relevant battles of the 21st century. African Americans, and all minorities in this nation, will continue to face these struggles, until we see that we are all the same. Race, ethnicity, and religion does not change that fact that we are all human

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