The Civil War And African American History Essay

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In Southern American history, the focus tends to remain on events that occurred from white, male citizens and politicians. These events, whether it is the civil war, the reconstruction period, World War I, or other well-known American historical events, white males are mainly centered around the story. Due to this narrow focus, the other genders and races that were affected or affiliated with these events are often neglected. Historian Glenda Gilmore stated “Revisioning southern politics must take into account the plethora of new sources on African American and women’s history, grapple with the theoretical insight that gender and race are socially constructed, and test new ideas about the junctures of public and private space in political culture” (Gilmore, p.xvi). In other words, the southern political history should not revolve around one group or source. Instead, this history needs to display other information or insight about the other groups, in this case African Americans, to gather a well-rounded perspective of southern political culture. Tera Hunter’s “To ‘Joy My Freedom” answers Gilmore’s call by giving a voice to African Americans, especially African American women, by displaying the social construction of race and gender, as well as the showcasing the difficulties that southern political culture put on these women.
Tera Hunter’s “To ‘Joy My Freedom” exclusively tells the lives of newly emancipated Southern Black women. By taking on this perspective of history, it
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