The Civil War Of China

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The Civil War of China

The Civil War of China: Why Communist Party Defeat Nationalists?
Haotong Ma
University of Colorado Denver

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
PSCI 4615-001
Professor Steve Thomas

Ma 1
The Civil War of China: Why Communist Party Defeat Nationalists?
In 2005AD, Lian Zhan, the president of Chinese Nationalist Party from Taiwan visited mainland of China and had a conversation with Hu Jintao, the general secretary of Chinese Communist Party. This conversation was the first time between two parties over about 60 years after the burst of civil war in 1946. These two parties, historically speaking, changed the future process of China and the life of Chinese people. However, most history fans and Chinese people have a question in their mind, which is why Communist Party who was relative weak side can defeat the strong Nationalists in the civil war? In my opinion, this historical question is associated with the national situation at that time, positions of two parties respectively and two most influential leaders of two parties, Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-shek. In this article, I will talk about my personal opinions about this topic associated with above aspects.
Before talking about the reasons why CCP defeated KMT, let’s have an understanding of background of society situation of China before the burst of civil war. In 1945, Chinese army defeated the Japanese invaders and

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