The Civil War Of The United States Essay

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The American civil war, also known as “The War Between the States”, is considered to be one of the bloodiest wars in America, lasting from 1861-1865. The civil war was a war that was fought between the northern states, also know as the “Union states” and the southern states, also known as the confederacy states. The northern states were more industrialized and the southern states had more of a agrarian economy, this is what lead to the northern and southern states to have different social, cultural, and political beliefs. All of these led to disagreements on slave and non-slave states, states rights versus federal rights, taxes, and tariffs. One of the main issues that caused the civil war, was a debate over the future of slavery. The northern states, over time had gradually abolished slavery. With a steady flow of immigrants, from Ireland and Germany during the 1840s and the 1850s, led it to where the northern states had many laborers that they could hire. Many of immigrants worked for low wages, diminishing the need for slavery in the north. The south was more of a agrarian economy which utilized slaves, the south used slaves, to help work on the large plantations and the many other duties on farms. The debate over slavery led to a secession, the secession caused a war between the northern and southern states because the north wanted to preserve the Union, and the south wanted to establish its own southern independence as a new confederation of states, with its own
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