The Civil War

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Civil War Paper Jennifer Ayala HIS/115 October 21, 2012 Kathy Buhe Civil War Paper The mid-19th century is a historic period in the history of the United States, one that shaped the nation we now know. In the year 1861, the tension that had long been brewing between the north and south exploded and led the nation to war. The catalyst was Abraham Lincoln’s victory in the presidential election. As an anti-slavery Republican, the southern states feared his agenda and chose to secede from the Union. The Confederate States of America was formed and the refusal of said states to rejoin the Union led to a Civil War, neighbor against neighbor, each fighting for what they believed to be right. The four years of the war were costly, both in…show more content…
Of course not every northerner was in agreement as to the abolishment of slavery, but the state of the Union and bringing it back together was important to most. So although the south was more unified and fighting to maintain what they believed was right in regards to slavery, the north was fighting to maintain their nation as a whole, with the issue of slavery being secondary. The Civil War is a fascinating time in the history of the United States. A time where the nation was so divided that no compromise could be reached and that nation no longer felt as if it was one united front. The issue of slavery was one that many were extremely passionate about, while others were passionate about keeping the Union together. Although the south was fighting for what they believed was right and had talented generals on their side, they were unable to conquer the northern forces and, ultimately, the issue of slavery was settled and abolished within the nation. However, this did not grant automatic rights to the former slaves. Instead, they would spend the next century working towards claiming equal status as American citizens and the basic civil rights promised within the nations Constitution. References Alexander, B. (2012). How the south could have won the civil war. Retrieved

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