The Clackety Clack Sound Of Horse Hooves

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The clackety clack sound of horse hooves on cobbled street and a jingling of harnesses drew Allie’s attention to the street below; she stood to watch as Eli alights from the Harris family carriage and tells the driver, George, to pick him up in two hours. Always courteous and a proper Southern gentleman, Eli never stayed longer than two hours, which was the appropriate amount of time allowed for visiting with friends and family, otherwise, he said, you might wear out your welcome.
It took several minutes before Eli reached the balcony where she sat watching the harbor; he took a seat in the other chair.
“Do you ever tire of watching the harbor?”
“No, not really- I enjoy sitting out here,” Allie replied, tucking her pencil inside the pocket …show more content…

According to Thomas, if done right, an attack comes sudden and without warning…”
“He’s right, of course, however, I still feel that some sort of change is bound to come before it actually occurs… An increase of strangers in town- stealthy spies on street corners watching everything closely- People are born with an innate inability to keep secrets secret- from birth, they want to share everything with someone close to them- then that someone shares with someone close to them and so on until everyone knows.
“I never knew you to be so cynical, Cousin Eli.”
“And I never knew you were such a daydreamer, Allie Mae- love and marriage has changed you hasn’t it?”
“You seem to think so… I wonder what motherhood will do to me.”
“You don’t sound too happy about it-”
“I’m not unhappy either, but who wants their body stretched all out of proportion? I really don’t know how I feel about it, Cousin- indifferent I think.”
“Let’s change the subject before we both become self-pitying, on the sideline gawks watching the world change around us with loathing. I have not resumed writing either, although I have begun making family history charts for the elites of Charleston. I plan to bind them into a book of references for future generations that want to research the families of Charleston.
Since I have always had such a fascination with genealogy, I thought it an honorable undertaking to research our ancestry. I wish someone had done it fifty years ago so that I might have

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