The Classic May A Time Of Great Expansion During The Yucatan Peninsula

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The Classic Maya was a time of great expansion in the Yucatan peninsula. Socially impactful art, massive architecture, and thriving complex societies. Across the swath of time that was the Classic Maya, there were great rulers that defined cities. Pakal in Palenque, Tahn Te ' K 'inich in Acqueteca, several kings in Tikal, and several other cities all possessed great leaders that created stability. The Terminal Classic period was when most all central power, across the Yucatan, was disrupted. There were cities that were totally abandoned, cities where people dwelled outside of but all activity within the city had halted, and a general loss of central power. While it can be puzzling to understand what created the "shift," or "collapse" from …show more content…

The characteristics that defined the Classic Maya were no longer being pursued. The strong central governments of the Classic Maya built palaces and monuments. Pakal of Palenque built a massive palace beginning in 650 AD. Tahn Te ' K 'inich of Acqueteca wanted to elevate the status of Acqueteca, and his model for that was through massive construction and ceremonial activity. He dedicated large steala which depicted the king as a great warrior. He also commisioned for a great pyramid to be built. It never was finished, but the point is that he was very intentional in displaying his power through construction. Acqueteca is a great example of a city who 's central political system was disrupted that led to its eventual abandonment. As said above, Tahn Te ' K 'inich was commissioning many buildings while maintaining a strong ceremonial center. This all changed when Acqueteca was faced with imminent military attacks. K 'inich had to abandon all commissioned work, and begin construction on a series of wall to protect the city. Because there was such a rush to put up defensive walls, it created great disruption in the ceremonial and social lives of the people of Acqueteca. The walls were never fully finished, and through excavations, Acquetca was a place that was hastily left. The palace was swept clean except relics that were sealed away presumably for hiding purposes. The fate of K 'inich is unknown, but it is obvious that he fled. There is no evidence

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