The Client 's Cognitive And Social Functioning

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A. This form does encompass the realm of a client’s life. Nevertheless, the one question seems to be missing is an inquiry as to what brought them in today, and why are they choosing now to deal with it. Previously, we learned how motivation is an important factor that needs to be both considered and addressed (Hepworth, Rooney, Rooney, & Strom-Gottfried, 2016). The form did ask what they wanted to get out of their therapy session, but that is only half of the information that is needed. Knowing this information allows the clinician to have a better understanding of the client, which is imperative for a successful assessment. This intake form does briefly address all aspects included in a biopsychosocial assessment. The medical questions …show more content…

When asked, the clinician explained, asking the same question in multiple ways occasionally elicited different responses; which allowed her to get an enhanced view of the child she was assessing. Having too much information is always better than not having enough. The clinician needs to know how the client manages stressful situations or the obstacles they contend to in their life. This helps determine the best treatment plan, foresee any obstacles, and set suitable goals for the client.
C. Making sure that the client can comprehend the questions is an important aspect of an assessment. If the client does not grasp what the question is asking, it will not be of any use in the assessment. Using terminology that client does not understand might also put the client on the defense. This response could affect the rapport you will have with the client. First impressions are exceedingly important, and you do not want to offend your client by using language they do not readily understand. Therefore, could add to the concerns or difficulties they had when they decided to pursue help. The clinician certainly does not want the intake to add any more stress to their lives, or escalate any insecurities they might already be experiencing. The wording of the questionnaire needs to be precise, and easily understood by people of all education levels. You don’t want anything that could hinder an open line of communication with the client (Hepworth et al., 2016).
D. I only found this

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