The Climatic Changes And Global Warming Essay

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The climatic changes have been a controversial issue over scientists, politicians, and people in general. Indeed, many aspects in which climatic changes and global warming step in are being sources of controversies and disagreements. In this opportunity, the discussion regarding climatic changes divides it into two different aspects, the first one involves how scientists think about the principal cause of climatic changes while analyzing the question “Are humans responsible for climatic changes? While the second aspect will place the climatic changes into a political aspect, focusing on one of the 2015 presidential debates where disagreements among candidates took place. Have you noticed that summers are getting hotter each year? Have you noticed that in some states of the country, it is getting colder in winter, although in other states occurs the opposite? Have you heard that the poles are decreasing their size beyond the usual? Changes like these and many others are occurring more intense each year. If we compare the UV levels, sea volume, and some other aspects of the earth, we can see great differences between past decades and the present, undoubtedly climatic changes are occurring and are becoming even more noticeable. As the effects of climatic changes along with global warming are increasing, people are trying desperately to find somebody or something to blame for this situation. For this reason, a continuous theory has increased its population among people and in

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