The Codes Of Ethics For Christian And Secular Counselling

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WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES IN THE CODES OF ETHICS FOR CHRISTIAN AND SECULAR COUNSELLING? COURSE: BSc Hons In Counselling Studies YEAR OF SUBMISSION: 2015 BY: Xyvah M. Okoye WORD COUNT: ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS My dissertation journey has been a long and eventful one, full of medical, emotional and financial hurdles and setbacks which made me begin to believe that I would never make it to the end. These knocked me completely off my feet at a crucial point in my journey, and having to fight through so many issues; I almost gave up and considered dropping out of University so many times. With the help of my academic staff team, my church and my family, putting me in contact with the relevant parties and helping me with planning and executing practical means of overcoming and enduring to the end, I was able to make it through. This process taught me more than anything that the necessary help is always available to those who are willing to utilise it. My outlook on life and its challenges has become more optimistic and my endurance has been strengthened as my experience made me realise that no matter how tough or how bad things get, it’s not over until it’s over. I would like to thank my supervisor, Heather Dale, for all her hard work and patience with me, for her genuine care for my wellbeing and for bending over backwards to help and support me. Many thanks to my tutor, Vicki Smith, who has been with me since my first year, and has encouraged me along my academic journey, to Carole
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