The Cold War And Its Effects Of The Cold War

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After the World War II, the military and political tension started between two powers of Eastern Bloc (Soviet Union and its allies in the Warsaw pact) and Western Bloc (The United States and its NATO allies). The military and political term used as the “cold war”, because there was no any direct large scale war started between the Eastern and Western Blocs. But there were some major regional wars, which are known as the Proxy wars in Vietnam, Korea and Afghanistan. In these Proxy wars both sides supported their allies’ against each other. This cold war split the war time temporary against the Nazi Germany and divided into two supreme powers on the ground of political, economical, technology, one as US and 2nd as USSR. Both super powers have nuclear deterrent and they engaged to prepare their self for possible nuclear world war. East side was busy in struggle of dominance via Proxy wars and around the world psychological warfare. International relations was effected by this
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Further than five hundred people vanished their careers. Many of them were “blacklisted” like the directors, writers, actors and many others were powerless to effort again for further than a years. The ‘House Un-American Activities Committee’ (HUAC) also suspect National Sector employees of charming in dissident activities. In a little while other anti-communist statesmen, most remarkably Senator ‘Joseph McCarthy’ prolonged this investigation to contain everyone who functioned in the central administration. Thousands of central workers were inspected dismissed and even impeached. As this anti-communist emotion feast all through in the 1950s. Liberal college professors vanished from their occupations, individuals were requested to give evidence against associates and ‘trustworthiness promises’ became

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