The Cold War And Postmodern Eras

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America is often said to envelop in "culture of fear." American elites have established this supremacy by the means of propaganda. From the Cold War to the War on Terror, these elites have maintained power along with the American
Government to make sure they have control of their consumers. This has been accomplished with the establishment of an American foreign policy that has helped create a bipolar world. It allows America to focus on its interest and create a myth that the American people have a destiny to fulfill in the world. Thus understanding the implications of a foreign policy and use of propaganda as a way to inject fear into the American society is the tool that would be used during the Cold War and Postmodern eras. It is then …show more content…

The Cold War was established after World War 2, where tensions between American and the Soviet Union had created two sides. On March 12, 1947, the Truman Doctrine would establish the set of ideas for a bipolar world. The Truman Doctrine was America 's foreign policy that would be the building block for America 's foreign interests from 1947 – 1991 (Donaldson pg.35). According to Andrew Bacevich, an American historian specializing in international relations, security studies, American foreign policy, and American diplomatic and military history, wrote, "Foreign policy has, for decades, provided an outward manifestation of American domestic ambitions, urges, and fears" (Bacevich pg.5). Foreign policy would be the underlining factor that would direct America in its conflicts against the Soviet Union. The doctrine was a speech given by Truman, asking congress for the funding to stop the Communist expansion. Truman wanted to prevent the domino theory where if one country fell to Communism, the others around it would soon follow. The Red Scare was already forming even before World War 2 but did not catch on until the late 40s. The first Red Scare was formed under the bipolar world, which sought to rid communism from America through labeling. The civil rights movement in 1947 was cut short by the first Red Scare, as they were labeled as communists (Donaldson pg.17). The elitists would take

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