The Cold War During World War II

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The Cold War was known as the period from the end of World War II until the collapse of the Soviet Union1 in 1991. It featured many government standings and rivalries such as political, economic, military, and diplomatic! Stunned in a clash between two very diverse ways of life, The Cold War was a competition for Power and Global Influence between the world 's two superpowers at the current time. After World War II which America and The Soviet Union fought together as allies against Adolf Hitler and the Nazi 's, the two Countries found it extremely difficult to communicate in the Current World we live in. Noted by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1946, an Iron Curtain seemed to separate the East, dominated by the Soviet Union, …show more content…

Capitalism means that, well any and every businesses and market forces with supply and demand determine what goods are available in their markets and what the prices they want those goods to be are. Everything, land, shops, housing, industries, and land are for the most part, owned by private individuals or companies instead of the collective whole. And in The United States political system, a democracy, every single citizen chose their leaders by voting them into office by elections that are free and fair. Governmental oversight however of every day life is very minimal, allowing its individuals to make each and every one of their decisions on their own free will. As to what career they want to pursue, where they want to live, what they want to eat, etc. Although each system had benefits and disadvantages, during The Cold War both the Soviet Union and The United States were viewing the other 's system as incorrect and a threat to their own system. Both countries worried that the other may indeed one day attempt to spread its ideology throughout the world. The United States was unwilling to live in a world, as where communism dominated and out ruled, and The Soviet Union felt very similar about living in a situation to where they would be under capitalism. Communist tent to believe that capitalism is indeed a selfish ideology

as it ignores the needs of the communities. According to staunch communist and Cuban president Fidel Castro, " Why do we believe that the

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