The Cold War During World War II

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War is the result of hate and brutality that can affect people in a negative way. The Cold War relates to the war in the Butter Battle book as it demonstrates hate, which should not be taught to kids in children 's books.
Conflict and competition can lead to war. The Cold War was a 45 year long rivalry between the Western powers, led by the United States and the Soviet Union. The United States formed a military base to protect them from other threats such as the Soviets. The expansion of the Soviet Union was seen as a threat to the U.S. and other Western powers after World War II. While the Soviets were seen as a threat, they feared that the powerful Western capitalist nations would overthrow their Communist regime. Thus, the Cold War had …show more content…

This issued a creation of East and West German States. The West was aligned with the U.S. while the East was aligned with the soviets. ("Berlin Wall") This war never reached a direct military conflict, though the United States and the Soviet Union shared a mutual distrust. After years of association, Russia and the U.S. competed over economic development of Manchuria in the 1890 's. The competition turned into an ideological rivalry that pitted U.S. capitalist democracy against Russian Communism. During the battle Soviets disagreed with the U.S. and Great Britain over military strategies and post war plans for Germany. ("Cold War.") The battle of the Cold War has a series events, as does the battle in the Butter Battle book.
War contains many events and people that contribute to the conflict. Grandpa protects the Yook territory and explains division between them and the Zooks. "Then he finally said, with a very sad shake of his very old head, 'As you know, on this side of the Wall we are Yooks. On the far side of this Wall live the Zooks. '" (Suess 4) He goes on to say his place as a guard for the Yooks, "Every Zook must be watched! He has kinkes in his soul! That 's why as a Youth, I made watching my goal, watching Zooks for the Zook-Watching Border Patrol!" (6) Grandpa then says how he would make the Zooks fear him and not want to come near. "In those days, of course, the Wall wasn 't so high and I could look any Zook square in the eye. If he dared

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