Long Term Effects Of The Cold War

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The Cold War’s Effect and Impact on the Past and Present Military Technology

The high level military protection Americans may take for granted today was a result of a war that never took place. The Cold War was an era that lasted over four decades from 1947-1991 in which America and Russia raced to outdo each other in upholding their beliefs of government, that is capitalism vs communism. Surprisingly, however, a far greater impact was seen on the technological bmm advancements in America. This time period provided opportunities for growth in areas not pursued often, such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This was a result of the newfound attention these areas received due to the desire to surpass the Soviet Union. …show more content…

The Air Force had an immediate impact on the US military as they developed a spy plane that could go undetected by radar as well as other guard planes. This eventually led to the Cuban missile crisis as one of these spy planes found Russian missiles and other military resources on the shore of Cuba. America took immediate action and forced Russia to destroy the missiles in exchange for a no-invasion agreement therefore preventing Russia from gaining access to territory with a geographical advantage. Another result was the creation of the first radar center in Greenland, where America had access to the entire Arctic region. Any aerial strike from the Soviet Union would have to pass over that area to reach the U.S.
In the next few decades the Air Force played larger roles in the Vietnam, Korean, and, current day, Afghanistan war in collecting data and dealing devastating blows. Some might say that the Air Force is inferior to the Army and Navy and its independence is unnecessary; however, the Air Force has been a beneficial factor in all military actions which include scouting terrain and dealing quick and undetected strikes. Each section of the military specializes in a different field of combat and the Air Force specializes in its own field and provides benefits accordingly.
Another major accomplishment of the US during the Cold War was the proliferation of weapons of

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