God Is The Color Of Water Summary

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James McBride received the title through a long ago conversation held between him and his mother, Ruth McBride, in which she gave her son James implicit responses to his queries as to why she looked so apart from his friend’s mother’s. He went on to ask his mother a question about “race” and whether ”God” was black or white, she replied “…. God’s not black. He’s not white. He’s a spirit”. “ What color is God’s spirit”? “It doesn 't have a color, she said. God is the color of water. Water doesn 't have a color” (pg. 50-51). It means that a persons race or religion shouldn 't be a deciding factor on the way a person is viewed. Water has not set color. It is clear. We should all be seen as the color of water which could possibly bring peace to our fellow citizens. It could even wash away other problems we still continue to see and go through in todays society such as gender prejudice and racism (etc). James mother’s contradictions weren 't necessarily meant to cause any confusion between the reader’s nor her children, but it is to give her children a understanding of stability. “ White folks, she felt, were implicitly evil towards blacks”. She felt whites were evil to the blacks resulted from the times they lived in. Blacks and whites were not widely adopted by people in those times to have any relations because, between the two races there was a huge split in their times. Ruth insisted that her children attend predominantly white schools because they offered better

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