The Color Purple Gender Roles

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All throughout history, men and women have been pushed into gender roles. Though these gender roles are starting to diminish in the twenty-first century, in the early nineteen hundreds, they were very prominent. In the book, The Color Purple, by Alice Walker, gender roles are a major conflict for its main characters. In the early nineteen hundreds and even sometimes today, men and women have “a place” in society. Women, supposedly, have a place in the home. They are to do all of the cooking, all of the cleaning, take care of all their kids and never complain about any of it. Too often they were used for chores and sex in marriages and if they disobeyed or talked back, they would often be beaten. They had to take care of everyone and everything day in and day out, and accept their occasional beatings. Men on the other hand have a lot less to worry about. They wake up, go to work, came home to dinner on the table, lay with…show more content…
A big, strong, and independent African American woman who refuses to be put in her place. When her husband tried to beat her, she ended up beating him. When the mayor’s wife told her that she would be a good maid for them, she said no and ended up in a fight over it. Having Sofia in her life, Celie learned that woman could say no and could fight for what they believe. They don’t have to take a beating, they could fight back. Celie’s world of gender roles and stereotypes was shattered by these women and many more in the novel. By the end of the book, she herself broke the cultural mode. She left her husband and moved to Tennessee with her girlfriend Shug. She started her own clothing business and became very successful. Celie becoming an independent woman, starting a relationship with another woman, being poorly educated, being African American, and becoming a successful entrepreneur breaks so many cultural modes. I was smiling by the end of the novel because of what Celie had
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