The Color Purple by Alice Walker

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I enjoyed reading the novel The Colour Purple by Alice Walker, as well as watching the movie adaptation of it. The Colour Purple film directed by Steven Spielberg is well made and captures the true feeling and moments of which were felt when the thoughts were expressed through written words in the novel. There are various similarities and differences between the novel and the film which create mood alterations and a dynamic view. Some of the differences between the film and the novel are the alteration of the narrative structure, some of the attitudes and actions of the characters, the relationships between the characters, and how the novel creates more in depth feelings and developments of the characters and their relationships. The structure of the film is different than the novel because the novel is composed of letters Celie writes to God; however the movie doesn’t show this. The novel shows Celie’s journey as she expresses herself through her letters which she deeply expresses her thoughts, feelings and emotions. In the film Celie is not shown expressing herself this way instead a different connection with God is created. The film excludes Celie’s strong and deep relationship with God which prevents her from partaking in a lot of self-reflection. There are a few details that are also altered between the novel and the film. Some of which include how in the novel Nettie runs away but in the film she is sent away from her sister, the novel talks about Nettie’s time in

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