The Coming Of Christianity And The Kingdom Of The Franks

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The coming of Christianity to the kingdom of the Franks was likely the greatest shift of Frankish ideology, going from the traditional pagan culture to the most powerful political and military system in Western Europe famously rooted in biblical truths during the medieval period. With Christianity being the foundation of the kingdom, both royals or peasants, clergy or laymen, and Christians and pagans were to become subject the teachings of the Holy Scriptures and the establishment of the Church. Whether a king or bishop, those within the influence of the Frankish kingdom were to uphold and protect the religious orthodox and defer all who rejected it. The Frankish ideology, rather than consistently changing, was more so a series of developments that both maintained the traditional values of the early church and strengthened the expectations of the church based on the conflicts of what was considered truth or heresy.
The rise of the Carolingians marked a major turning point for Frankish kingship that altered the justification of authority from ancestral ties to divine acceptance. Before the Carolingian dynasty began, the Merovingian dynasty ruled the Franks starting in the mid fifth century. As a dynasty, the Merovingian rule foundationally stood upon the leadership of the royal family, in that no one outside of the family could be at the head of the kingdom. However, the position of the mayor of the palace had many responsibilities and other official daily tasks that

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