The Common Flaw Of Family

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Family is a term that can mean a variety of different things. A dictionary would define family as a group of individuals who live under the same roof. That isn’t true though, some families live thousands of miles away from each other. Most families do live under the same roof as each other. This means that they are the people you around most. You see them on a daily basis and most of your time is spent with them.
Your family is always there for you. Through thick and thin they are the ones to stand by your side. They are more reliable and dependable then any of your friends will be. Imagine something happening to your family. You would be devastated. Period. Even if you don’t think so, your family is one of the things you value the most. …show more content…

When you’re nine you think you know everything. You also think you can do everything by yourself. When in fact you are dead wrong, you are entirely dependent upon your family, especially your parents. You need them even when you think you don’t.
When your nine all you that your brain processes is me. me. me. All that you’re worried about is your needs and wants.
I was average your average nine year old, a big bad third grader who had the school thing covered since I’d been going to school for at least four years now. So my life had begun to go in a routine schedule. I went to school then came home. Whenever I got home, I immediately began to do my homework. The amount of homework I had was a key factor in my happiness. The less homework, the sooner I could go outside and play. I loved going outside to play it was my favorite thing in the world. Playing outdoors was my favorite with food running in a tight race.
My sister and I had friends that lived a few doors up. Every day we went outside to play with them. Quite often all the kids of the neighborhood would meet up at one house and play together there.
Most of the time we’d play at these two brothers’ house. They had the coolest stuff so we all just kind of used their stuff, no one had really liked them either. While my sister and I played at their house, my mom and little siblings would do something else. I honestly didn’t care what they did. I had no idea what they did either. As long as they didn’t annoy me

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