The Common Type Of Nationalism

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SIn every nation or state in the modern world, there can be found some form or another of nationalism. At the most basic level nationalism is a modern concept used to describe the passion one feels for the nation they belong to and their willingness to defend it. Today, there are two types of nationalism that are heavily prevalent in nations across the globe as a way to unite the citizens with the common pride of nation. First, there is “rational” nationalism, which subscribes to the idea that a nation is legal-political community and all those who are born there or reside there are all citizens of said community and desire a common culture and religion to unite the people and give the nation political legitimacy. The other most common …show more content…

This fear has lead to growing nationalist political parties in nations all across Europe, as well as the election of many nationalist leaders, including the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, who famously gained political momentum by promising to strengthen American borders by building a southern wall and heavily vet refugees and immigrants from Islamic countries. While these movements are still not overwhelming endorsed by any majority, nationalism seems to be growing at a rapid rate When studying this growth of nationalism, it can be determined that this rise is due ethno-cultural nationalism as opposed to “practical” nationalism, as can be especially seen in the recent inaugural address of US President Donald Trump. Looking at the definition of ethno-cultural nationalism that is given in Anthony Smith’s essay When is a nation?, the four major points of Ethnocentrism are “1. A strong emphasis on genealogy, and the fictive tie of ethnic descent…2. The importance of vernacular cultures, including myths…of customs and traditions; 3….’ethno-history’- set of authentic tales told by community; 4. A commitment to “the people…” (Smith 9). Using of this definition in corroboration with an article in the Wall Street Journal about the Inaugural Speech on January 20th, 2017, it can be established that Mr. Trump’s speech heavily featured ethnocentric nationalism. In particular, the article focused on how Trump spoke to America’s humiliation and

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