The Common Types Of Errors

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Introduction/Background There is now is an increasing population of elderly patients who is not receiving the proper guidance when it comes to their disease states and medications. More specifically, elderly patients in independent nursing homes are responsible for filling, picking up and taking their own medications from pharmacies outside the nursing home without any help. This means they have to remember to put in the refills, remember to pick up the medications and then remember to actually take the medications at the right times. Studies have shown the lack of guidance in the independent homes often results in many errors that may even lead to fatalities. One study showed that “the most common types of errors resulting in patient death involved administering an improper dose (40.9%), administering the wrong drug (16%) and using the wrong route of administration (9.5%)”1. Pharmacists play a crucial role in preventing these common types of errors. Through proper counseling sessions, the pharmacist has the ability to convey the correct information to the patient about their medication regimen. Aside from the significant need of fixing medication errors, there is a large need for patient education on their disease states and disease state management. Educated patients will want to be more cautious of their therapy, reach full therapeutic efficacy and slow the progression of their disease states. One study showed that after conducting a meta-analysis on 360 studies, 64%…
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