The Community Based Program

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1. How involved should the community and neighborhoods be in Cultural Competency regarding program issues? Why should the community and neighborhoods be involved? 2. How can or what are some ways that the community and neighborhoods can be involved in these areas/program issues? 3.What are some of the issues that needs to be addressed when "HIRING" of competent staff when working in a cultural competency environment? List at least three issues and provide examples. Introduction It is important for the community and neighborhoods to be very involved in any cultural competency scheme. This is particularly so since the communities, to some extent or other, are comprised of a cultural mix of people and the program is established with the aim of satisfying the needs of these people. To make sure that it does so, it needs its consumers to evaluate and appraise it. The community-based program is one that is intended to cater to the needs of all the individuals of the community. The community constitutes a mix of cultures. They will best know their own needs and cultural patterns. For that reason, these members of the communities and the surrounding neighborhoods should be involved in any cultural competency assessment of the community-based programs. The neighborhoods too should be involved since the issues would almost likely affect them too. Involving communities in these issues will also prove pragmatic since it will generate a spirit of tolerance and comradeship.
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