The Community Stability Act ( Csa ) Essay

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The “Community Stability Act” (CSA) is a policy designed to reduce housing transiency in low-income urban and rural communities by providing housing subsidies to low-income families, and financial assistance to families at risk of or experiencing eviction. The CSA will alleviate poverty through removing the various stressors associated with housing transiency, and have subsidiary effects related to education and economic opportunity. This policy is predicated on one key understanding. It is indisputable that the nature of the housing market has changed-- most urban low-income households are spending a significant portion of their income (>50%) on housing expenses. The present is an aberration of long held expectations-- that housing costs should not exceed 30% of one’s income-- and it needs to be addressed. However, the problem of housing costs is multifaceted, and addressing it requires systemic changes (augmenting the power dynamic between labor and capital in the U.S., fixating on public and affordable housing rather than private development) that would not be practical in the current political environment, or in the foreseeable future. This policy, in contrast, derives its attractiveness from how it can be framed, and the widespread effects (from a geographical and socioeconomic perspective) that it will have. The CSA will provide a housing subsidy to all parents of schoolchildren (aged four to eighteen). The subsidy would reduce the family’s housing costs to 30% of said
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