The Comparison of the Road and Into the Wild Essay

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The Comparisons of the Boys

Two popular novels that are read in English literature today are Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Both these books share three valuable comparisons. One being that both protagonists go on a self-evolving and physical journey, another that both the fathers in the novel share demanding relationships with their sons, and the lessons that both boys learned. A journey does not have to be simply walking through the woods. It can actually be a person going through an internal transformation. In Into the Wild and The Road Chris McCandles and the young boy go through their own transformations on their journey. The young boys matures over the course of his journey with his changing …show more content…

Parents can have influencing decisions on children when they are still at a small age of being dependent on others. All throughout The Road the father constantly tells his son the next route on the journey, who to and to not trust, and decisions he must make. Ever since the day where the whole world diminished the father began to map out of the route the two men would take leaving his son with no room for his input. The father would never let his son be an open-minded individual and get to know people for who they are. A prime example of this is when the men stumble open a poor, old, dirty man sitting on the ground of their path with hardly any clothing on and his bone deteriorating. The father believes the vagabond is trying to steal food and the son believes he truly just needs help. The boy finds it in his heard to give the man a jar of peaches but his father is very hesitant and insist that the boy must not continue speaking to the homeless man and too specifically not ask him to dinner. The young boy crushed by his fathers ignorance and crude behavior begins to see a change in his father and really trust if his father is trying to protect the both of them or just scared of getting to know people. At the end of the story when the father passes away he passes on the torch to his son to be able to make executive decisions and all of the

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