The Competition Conflict Style Of A Baseball Card Collection

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Another area that had results with striking variations between the different assessments is the competition conflict style. When I was younger, this was definitely my go-to style of conflict. I had a competitive flair in about every situation, be it with my friends, brothers, classmates, or parents. I remember being mad that my childhood best friend Chris had better baseball cards than I did. So when my Nana (my maternal grandma) took Chris and me to target and offered to buy us both a box of cards, I told her she should not do it. I selfishly wanted to be better than him at something as small as a baseball card collection, so you can imagine how competitive I was with sports with him. The way I acted with Chris was similar to how I acted…show more content…
Still, Josiah thought competition was my most common style. On the contrary, Ben and my mom had it as one of my least used methods. My level of competitiveness differs greatly depending on the individual. Those who are competitive themselves are usually the ones I will be the most competitive with. Part of this is because I am only competitive in certain situations, such as when playing sports. For example, I used to play Josiah sometimes in one on one basketball. He being much shorter than me would struggle to compete and would compensate by playing overly aggressive. It would cause a conflict where I would call him out and he would compete against me in an argument. We have been so close our whole lives, and competitiveness with him is very hard to abandon because it was always the norm. For people I have befriended more recently, my competitiveness is often scaled way back. For example, when I play basketball against Ben, he is simply not a good ball player and he would be intimidated if I played competitively against him. So, with Ben I ditched my competitive nature. Additionally, I think I have grown to be good at understanding others and realizing if a competing style will be tolerated by them and to what extent. During my freshman year I had an argument with my roommate Steve about Michael Jordan and LeBron James. We argued for an hour about who was better,
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