The Comprehensive Effects of War Essay

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Bullets whizzing and bomb shells flying, an occurrence often thought of as the only negative effect of war and as only happening to soldiers, a simply counterfactual statement. The effects of war are seen throughout the novels A Separate Peace by John Knowles and Lord of the Flies by William Golding, two books written about wars by men who were involved in war. Knowles went to school during World War II and then joined the Royal Air Force for eight months. Golding joined the Royal Navy in 1940 and fought a variety of battles for seven years. War has an impact on civilians as much it has an impact on the soldiers in the war physically, emotionally, and morally. Physical effects on civilians as well as soldiers are a large part of …show more content…

Because it has become such a big military strategy to bomb civilians, civilians are also often physically injured in war. There are many examples of the physical effects of war in Lord of the Flies and A Separate Peace. In Lord of the Flies, some of the characters involved in war on the island die. When Ralph goes to confront Jack, Piggy dies. A rock falls, hits him, and sends him flying through the air to land on a rock forty feet down and have his body washed away by the sea when Piggy is on the cliffs (Golding 181). This shows a casualty while Ralph is trying to come to peaceful agreements during a time of war between his people and Jacks people. In A Separate Peace, Finny’s death in chapter twelve demonstrates a symbolic example of death in war. Neither Gene nor Finny are in the war, but Finny’s death shows the tragedies of death during a time of war. During war, many people die, but contrary to popular belief, civilians are included in these casualties as well as soldiers. A frequently overlooked effect of war, the emotional effects, exist abundantly. It became a large military strategy to attack helpless people who were not involved in war and as a result, people are dying, and civilians are living in a constant fear of death; a serious emotional toll. The main goal of the attacks was to force fear into the citizens of the country, making them fall apart mentally, and Rogers 3 emotionally. Because

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